Lost one of my F8's heartbroken

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Lost one of my F8's heartbroken

Post by Sharky7337 »

I have had the two F8's together in a 25 gallon tank for like 2 years now.

Slowly over time one of them started to look skinny and more sunken. I always treat for parasites and such as soon as i get a fish. And I was feeding them sporadically to try and keep tank parameters good so i thought that may have been why.

It finally got to a point that this last month I was concerned that maybe there was more to it and trimmed his beak, as he would try and eat but spit it out. I thought well its probably he is having trouble eating because of beak length.

Ironically his beak was not even long. I finally found him laying on the bottom this morning, and i had went into emergency mode and threw in some general cure, and erythrmyacin, 75 perc water change but then he passed. I made an effort to try and fatten him up but it never really worked.

So sad. The other F8 didn't even really like me, he was my boy, I feel so sad I didn't try and treat him for parasites / TB again sooner (prob was parasites or bacterial I'm thinking now). He didn't have any lesions or growths but I dismissed it as the fatty other puffer getting more food.

He always swam up to greet me and always watched me wherever I was.

I have tanks of cichlids and stuff, and when they pass, its kinda no big deal really.

But I just feel so bad I let him down.
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Re: Lost one of my F8's heartbroken

Post by Pufferpunk »

I'm so sorry for your broken heart. Maybe the single puff will take a liking to you now.
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