How different are your gsp's personalities?

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How different are your gsp's personalities?

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Asking out of curiosity. I have two gsp's and my first one will eat anything I give him and just casually swims around the tank not giving two hoots about anyone including me.
My other gsp is always inquisitive about things on the outside of the tank, is a picky eater who won't eat any kind of worm but wants to be fed by tongs. This one also sleeps in the same spot and will periodically check her 'bed' out during the day and rearrange the sand by it.

It's amazing how their personalities are so different.
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Re: How different are your gsp's personalities?

Post by hadla »

That is hilarious! The second seems to have ocd! Yeah I’ve noticed the difference in my two, Olive is a lot shyer than spot unless there’s food involved!
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