Do gsp’s like strong flow?

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Do gsp’s like strong flow?

Post by duracell »

I’m just wondering if gsp’s like a strong flow? I’ve got two in a 280litre at 1.010sg running on two fluval 406 canister filters. I’ve got quite a lot of flow in the tank, with both outlets crossing over through the middle one pointing up and one down, bringing up most of the poo nicely up into the inlets. They seem to enjoy this, swimming through the currents and being quite playful with it and they love chasing the bloodworms as they get blown about. I just want to be 100% sure that this flow won’t stress or exhaust them in the long run? (Note - there are low flow areas to rest)


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Re: Do gsp’s like strong flow?

Post by kaputkittie »

Hey Mark, I think the stronger flow in some areas of the tank is probably fine for the GSP as long as they have a place to rest. I know mine loves to swim right up into pump output and surf the jetstream but then he can rest in the bottom of the tank. In the wild these puffers swim in estuaries, rivers, and out into the ocean so I see no reason that kind of flow would affect them much.
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