Poor gps

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Poor gps

Post by PufferBilly » Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:25 am

So I am a seasoned hobby aquarist who has spent 2 months setting up and researching brackish tanks and puffers. I am in love. I have a 15 gallon tank that I was planning to use for a figure 8 and a ten gallon for breeding nerite snails.
My tank has been cycling for two weeks with driftwood, brackish plants, and sand substrate. Last night my child and I went to Wal-Mart and happened through the pet section where I saw a mass of medium sized parrot chiclids tearing into a group of baby gps. My eight year old was stubbornly insisting and I was emotional so I made an impulse buy figuring the poor thing wouldn't last the night anyhow. I took the largest, least injured puffer home. He is missing most of his right fin but it still moves and he can still swim. My strip tests show ideal nitrite, nitrate, alkaline, and ph levels for puffers. I slowly added my water to his for 2 hours while floating and then completely removed him from what was sent home in. My tank is undercycled and will only hold a gps as a juvenile. He seems happier but is dark, probably has parasites, possibly has ich, and has a wound. He swims for awhile then goes behind the rocks and lays flat. He has stopped curling but is traumatized and he needs treatment and brackish water. He is all alone and will stay that way. I was not quite ready for the purchase and need advice for snail breeding and treatment. I got him freeze dried shrimp and chiclid pellots. I can go get him something live today after work but will feed him at lunch since it will then be 12 hours after introduction. How long can he stay in the 15 gallon and how frequent should the water changes be? I have a filter that turns 10 for a 20 gallon. Should I add another? I am doing daily water changes for awhile to catch up and also my temp is at 84 instead of 82. I read that might kill bacteria. Too high? Also when should I raise salinity? He survived the night and we named him Billy. My corgi seems to like him. Help me save him!

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Re: Poor gps

Post by Pufferpunk » Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:06 am

Toss those test strips, they're crap. Get the API Test Kit.
What do you mean by "undercycled"? How exactly did you cycle the tank? You can add Tatra Safestart to your filter, to cycle the tank.
Add Melafix to help him heal.
Try live earthworms.
I'd be looking for an eventual 55g tank for him.
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