Where does your puffer sleep?

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Re: Where does your puffer sleep?

Post by Treekami »

Funny I was just thinking about my Puffers sleep pattern the other day. I have two of them. One likes to sleep in his cave (from a fake driftwood and with rocks.) and my other one seems to just NOT SLEEP! well he does but he moves around everywhere. lol I think he is a sleep swimmer. LOL the Gobies in the tank with them sleep in the sand area. =) thanks for the cool thread!

EDIT! OOPS did not realize this was an old thread! RIP

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Re: Where does your puffer sleep?

Post by william.s.22795 »

My new first ever puffer (dwarf puffer), seems to really like sleeping on top of the small heater that I have in his tank 😂

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Re: Where does your puffer sleep?

Post by thatmarinescienceguy »

My F8 Puff slept in his stump. He loved that stump!!! Here is a pic of him, looking out the window:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8A5qS ... sp=sharing

On Friday mornings he slept in, and always in his stump. He lived in my classroom in a 75g brackish alone, I teach marine science. On Monday, I'm not sure he ever went to bed in anticipation of snails upon my arrival... After a quick meal though, my Puff was a crack sleeper. He'd wedge himself into a crack, or sometimes he just hovered under the filter overflow box (I have a HOB overflow, the aquarium is not drilled). He liked to keep an eye on everyone while he slept, I suppose the stump offered too much privacy during the day.

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