Hermit crabs with my GSP?

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Hermit crabs with my GSP?

Post by fishyfriends876 »

Hello! I am currently transitioning my GSP to full marine (his new 29 gallons will be a full marine setup and I will drip acclimate him).

Since it was full marine, I thought about putting something like blue leg hermit crabs for him. It will be for cleaning his tank, and his food to stimulate his hunting skills. Will it be ok? I will also mix empty shells around to confuse him.

I thought about purchasing at reef cleaners because they have them for fairly cheap.Are the shells too hard to the point that they can break the puffer's teeth? i don't want that to happen.

Also, I thought of purchasing other marine snails with him too. What are other good snail options?

**note: I am not feeding snails because I am cruel to them, it is because they can clean algae well and it will be able to make it seem like he is in "the wild"

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Re: Hermit crabs with my GSP?

Post by Pufferpunk »

Hi, If you're doing marine, which requires 1 1/2-2lbs live rock/gal, you're going to need a much larger tank. I would suggest a 55g. Consider any crab/snail "food reserves" for your puffer.

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