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GSP Setup

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Hey all,
I’m new here, I’m Stuart, from East Anglia, UK.

I’ve always loved puffers, and for a while now I’ve wanted to do GSP tank. I’ve asked in a couple of places and people often seem to recommend going full marine, but whenever I look into full marine, the cost ramps up fast and I always end up thinking “if I’m going to spend all this on a full marine tank, I’d rather do a reef setup with multiple species”. So the puffer idea goes out the window.

My girlfriend inherited a 180 litre tank from her parents. Basically I want to know what I’d have to do to convert it to a suitable tank for a GSP (or two? Not sure how well they go together?). I’m not looking to cut corners or do it on a really tight budget, but I am looking to avoid going down the full marine route of protein skimmers, reactors, powerheads etc. (Assuming that’s possible).

I want to upgrade the pump and filter. What kind of power do we need and what kind of filter? What else do we need to know? When people say “full marine” are they just talking about salinity? How do we cycle the tank? Any info would be great.

Thanks :)
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