Breeding Dwarf Puffers

Are your puffers feeling a little naughty & lil ones are the result? Post your findings here!
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Re: Breeding Dwarf Puffers

Post by Pufferpunk »

Getting them to breed is 1 thing... Raising those specks of fry to adulthood is another. Can you imagine the size food needed for newly-hatched DPs?
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Re: Breeding Dwarf Puffers

Post by eustoma »

i'd like to breed as well but I am wondering how big of a tank I would need and how many puffers I would need as well. I read that having more than one female for one male is ideal so the female does not get tired out, but how true would this be if say I had one male and one female in a 15 or 20 gallon tank? Would adding another female still be advisable? Do the females need to be in a group of a specific number like other fish?

I only have a single female at the moment in a 6 gallon tank but I feel a more heavily planted larger tank would be better for it. It is doing great in its tank but it does seem bored a lot... which isn't exactly helped by me having killed almost all the bacopa in the tank recently while trying to get rid of the algae on it. I am slowly going to be ordering more plants so that I don't break the bank but also so I can kind of ensure the ones I do have thrive.

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