porc sexing?

Are your puffers feeling a little naughty & lil ones are the result? Post your findings here!
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porc sexing?

Post by casc »

I read a post here where someone had identified the sex of the porcupine puffers in the article. Iv been looking around and as far as iv read elsewhere they say that there is no physical characteristics to identify the sex of this fish. Im very curious and would like to kno what my porc is. Anyone kno if its possible to tell and how?

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Re: porc sexing?

Post by Pufferpunk »

Only the puffer knows for sure.
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Re: porc sexing?

Post by RTR »

+1 to Pufferpunk's comment. Sometimes mature females dump infertile/unfertilized eggs, which is of course a positive clue to fish being female. But it is apparently not very common.
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