Large GSP commercial breeding! Must read!

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Re: Large GSP commercial breeding! Must read!

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Gsp's are born in fresh and transition as they age in to a more salty ( marine condition ) . Their breeding process requires timing their reproductive cycle with bringing that adult puffer back upstream to freshwater conditions ONCE ready to drop eggs. In other words their Time line would look something like this. Fresh-----Brackish-----SALT------(egg production begins)-----Salt-----Brackish------Fresh. etc.... once eggs are dropped in fresh water the adults then re-acclimate back to salt once again. This is why captive breeding is so difficult . We cant just ask a female when shes ready to start a freshwater transition, not to mention the tank preperation required to do the above mentioned process. It is possible and has been done.

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Re: Large GSP commercial breeding! Must read!

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Sorry, this old idea is all wrong as shown by newer studies from the Univ. Florida... The eggs are produced and hatch in marine water. T. nigroviridis sperm cannot fertilize eggs in an freshwater environment.
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Re: Large GSP commercial breeding! Must read!

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Thanks, Corvus!
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