Hairy Puffer Questions

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Hairy Puffer Questions

Post by Pile_O_Rocks »

I plan on getting a hairy puffer (Pao Baileyi) soon for a 30 gallon tank and I have a few questions in relation to them

• If I’m feeding them things like prawns and mussels should I leave the shell on, off, or does it not matter?
• I’ve read they’re okay with plants. Could I keep one with things such as tiger lotuses?
• I’ve seen some people say that they don’t tend to eat snails. How safely could I keep an apple or nerite snail in a tank with one?
• I’ve not seen any videos or pictures of them burying in the substrate like their close relatives do. Is this not a behaviour they partake in?

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Re: Hairy Puffer Questions

Post by Pufferpunk »

Hi, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
It will be difficult to get the puffer on any sort of mollusk but you never know.
Mine loved fresh shrimp & earthworms.
I actually bred snail in his tank.
They do not bury in the substrate but will prefer sand to lay on & a cave-like decor to hang out in.
It is quite difficult to get them on dead food, so be patient.

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Re: Hairy Puffer Questions

Post by bengo »

Hope you've gotten your Hairy. I love mine. To answer a couple from my experience.

1. I leave the shell on for the prawns. I just cut it into pieces for him and throw it in. Mussels he wont eat from the shell. I can drop it in and he will stare at it. If I pull the meat out and toss it in then he will eat the meat.
2. Great with plants. I have mine with a fully planted tank including a Tiger Lotus. He actually enjoys what I call "sitting" on the jungle val he have in there.
3. Im unsure on the snails. I have MTS in my tank and while I never have seen him eat them his tank for sure has less in it than the tank next to it and they both started with the same amount.
4. They dont burrow. The most Ive seen from mine is he moved a little from the top to put his belly in when he lays down.
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