Rehoming female pea puff into 15 gal but want to add more

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Rehoming female pea puff into 15 gal but want to add more

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I have a female pea puffer housed in a 6 gal that I'm going to be moving to a 15 gal tank that is much more heavily planted. In that, I want to get at least one, if not two, more pea puffer. Is this appropriate, to put smaller, juvenile pea puffers with my girl that I've had since March 2020? She is pretty docile, lives with an African Dwarf Frog right now in the 6 and they get along. She is our little princess so I want to do this right and not stress her out too much.

If it is okay to put her with another, should I put the new pea puffs in the 15 gal before her and let them get territory or should I do all 3 at the same time?

Also, the 15 gal is swarmed with scuds and pond snails. Should I worry about putting new peas in it and them overeating? Or will they just eat their fill and then murder the rest?

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Re: Rehoming female pea puff into 15 gal but want to add more

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They are best kept in a shoal of 6 or more or else as a singleton.
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Re: Rehoming female pea puff into 15 gal but want to add more

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I've had success with harem ratios, even under 6, but they are way more shy.
One male for 2 to 3 females will work but I'd say 15g is not enough.
It also works as a couple, one male and one female (never two males, even two females in a 10 would get weird, I've had quarantine scenarios that started to get very tense with two females), but if you go for a couple male/female, the female will get exhausted and it is not a long term solution.

Also new puffers must be the same size as the others when you introduce new ones. If they are smaller they will be bullied, to death sometimes.

Lastly redoing the scape completely when introducing new puffers will help because they will establish new territories.

It is almost impossible to sex the peas when buying them so be very careful not to get 2 more only to realize you have two males in a month or two. Be sure that you have enough tanks to house them separately.
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