Abei's puffer tank mates

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Abei's puffer tank mates

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Hey guys!!
I recently got myself a Abei's puffer (Pao Abei) for my 10 gallon. It's my first time getting a puffer fish amd I admit I'm new to puffers but hey we all start somewhere. I had him set him in there for a good 2 weeks when disaster struck. I live in South Africa and we have a little thing called Load shedding. The power went off for 2 and a half hours 3 times a day. That was apperently to much for the heater and later the tank got cracked (because of other reasons) and I had to move him. The only other tank I have is my 25 gallon planted community tank and he went in there. I HAD... emphasis on HAD.... Lots of cherry shrimp, a few schools of rummy noise tetra's, black neon tetra's and khuli loaches and one BN pleco. It's safe to say that in a week the only thing left was the pleco(Who is unharmed). So now I'm just gonna keep him in there as his tank.

I just wanne khow if by any chance their are some tank mates he can have in his 25 gallon. Their isn't much information about this species surprisingly. The pleco will be staying with him as he hasn't touched or shown any interest in him

Thanks guys!! :D (Sorry for the long story)
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Re: Abei's puffer tank mates

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Congrats on finding such a rare fish! Pics?
As you have witnessed, it's not going to end well for tank mates. He will eventually kill the pleco Also, I wouldn't keep an Abei in >30g.
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Re: Abei's puffer tank mates

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Long term Abei keeper, here. My Abei isn't the most aggressive puffer I've ever seen; he's the most aggressive fish I've ever seen. Period. He kills anything he can catch whether he's hungry or not. The only "tankmates" he has are feeder livebearers he hasn't caught yet. Make sure cords are inaccessible. They'll bite those, too. I've watched mine bite air stones/hoses, plants (he doesn't eat them), even a piece of wood that he bumped into. Watch your hands and always know where it is when they're in the water. Or close to the surface. Mine has come half out of the water to snap at me. That pleco won't last long. I've heard of other people trying it. Sometimes it's ok for a while, until it isn't.
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