Want to get another tank

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Want to get another tank

Post by rabbit91476 »

Haven’t had a tank in 10 years since tweak. My red eye died. Wife has a few shrimp tanks. Saw a red eye or two at Lfs. Thought I might throw a old take together had a 20 gallon in garage wife has heaters and lights from previous tank.

Was thinking p gravel. And some petrified wood my grandpa gave us.
Can’t remember will a red eye jump out of tank.
I don’t currently have a lid?
One of my wife’s tank has two filters.Was going to cycle with one of them.

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Re: Want to get another tank

Post by Pufferpunk »

With any puffer or any fish at all, there is always a chance of them jumping out.
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Re: Want to get another tank

Post by astrid37 »

It's pretty easy to buy lids and generally not expensive. You can find them on Amazon, LiveAquaria, PetSmart etc...

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