New dwarf puffer set up advice

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New dwarf puffer set up advice

Post by Crazyjoe » Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:08 am

Looking for a second opinion on my planned tank for dwarf puffers. I have a 150 litre corner tank. It’s not set up yet as I’ve just moved but will be set up with fertiliser substrate capped with sand and heavily planted as well as bog wood (currently soaking), rocks and some catappa leaves. My intention is to stock in the following order post cycling: a few khuli loach, 3 Amano Shrimp, a couple of Otos and eventually 5 dwarf puffers. I know fish are always a risk with DPs but the tank will be scaled to provide a ton of complexity and escape routes.

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Re: New dwarf puffer set up advice

Post by JayEmpty » Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:19 pm

Hmmm... not an expert at all, but IMHO, pea puffers would not do well in a community tank housed in a 40 gallon tank. First, you won't see them, especially if it's planted or if you have a lot of places for them to hide into. They're shy, as far as I can observe. But if put on a species only tank, they move around a lot. Sometimes, you might get to think that they school.

Second, in my observation, they don't seem to eat flakes or preserved food. Sometimes, frozen foods are a problem. So, live snails and worms are they best way to go. That being said, all these worms would go into the mouths of the community before it goes to them, if it comes to that. In my experience, they only eat the snail's meat and not the shells. Their teeth does not seem to grow as much as the other big puffers.

Lastly, in my cousin's community tank that use to have pea puffers, they sometimes get nippy on some of the fish that gets near them. I haven't seen this in mine. But, it might be because I had them placed in their own tank, after three days in a community tank.

I hope this helped.

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