My Schoutedenis Update

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Re: My Schoutedenis Update

Post by astrid37 »

Great, good to know, thanks!!

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Re: My Schoutedenis Update

Post by lilacamy931 »

Latest update - they are doing well, he was was just having a fat week with his belly that time but will keep epsom salt in mind for future.

They've gotten over their squabbling phase and back to best buds, I am sure we will go full circle to squabbling child phase soon. I have also replaced 80% of the live plants with artificial and bogwood as done with them melting. There are some decent plants left and little to no care has them thriving.

The puffs appear to like glass surfacing recently, which naturally has me worried as a puff mum. The tank is pretty filled with objects of interest but looking to top up further at the back where they pace. Do schouts tend to pace? Might need advice on plant layout.

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Re: My Schoutedenis Update

Post by NJD »

mine dont pace but they are very young still..

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