New Dragon Puffer

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New Dragon Puffer

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I am picking up a Dragon Puffer this week and wanted to know, what basic meds should I be prepared to provide, also, what is the best recommended de-wormer to use. He is coming in on order to my LFS (from their distributor).

thanks in advance
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Re: New Dragon Puffer

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Congrats!!! Dragon Puffs are so cool looking! I had to use Levamisole HCl when I had a breakout of Calamanus worms in one of my other tanks (which means I had to treat all of my tanks). It worked like a charm and was very easy to administer. I have a Congo Puff and he seemed totally unaffected by it. I ordered it from Subquaria and it arrived quickly. Three weeks later you have to do another treatment to make sure all the parasites are gone, but I would highly recommend it as a de-wormer. Do you have pics of your puffer?
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