Cleaning tankmates for Red eye puffers?

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Cleaning tankmates for Red eye puffers?

Post by puffersir »

I have 3 red eye puffers in a 40 gallon tank. the tank is heavily planted, even with a carpet of dwarf hairgrass. while the water quality would be perfect, especially with the weekly water changes. the problem that i'm running into is sediment (such as food, waste, etc.) is settling at the bottom, and is not easy to clean. i was wondering if there are any filter feeding fish/invertibrates other than otocinclus that could possibly help improve the overall water quality, and not be terribly affected by the puffers.

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Re: Cleaning tankmates for Red eye puffers?

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Most invert cleaners are better known as snacks.
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Re: Cleaning tankmates for Red eye puffers?

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Not forgetting inverts, pleco etc produce tonnes of waste themselves.. So I think u are better off putting some elbow grease and do some vacuuming yourself..
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Re: Cleaning tankmates for Red eye puffers?

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+1, vacuuming will get it out
It's amazing how easy maintenance is. If done regularly and thoroughly

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Re: Cleaning tankmates for Red eye puffers?

Post by gkai »

I have a different experience: my 2 irrubescos (male and female) are mostly ignoring shrimps in my tank...they were interested at first, but the shrimps are too quick and it's much easier to beg for food, so now they don't even look at them, except when the shrimps manage to catch a red worm or squid piece before the red eyes.

This can change of course, but I have the female for 1.5 years and the male for 6 month...

I have 4 amano shrimps and a glass shrimp...

Just take your chance, you may be pleasantly surprised, at least with irrubescos...

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