completely new to puffers

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completely new to puffers

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Hi all,
I am new to this community as well as to puffer fish. I have no set up right now, but I'm looking for a small freshwater set up, probably with just one puffer. I don't think I want dwarf puffers, preferably something larger and that is noticeably puffed up when he/she decides to do so. Also, I don't think I could go any larger than a 20 gallon tank; it will have to go in my room in my apartment.

Do you guys have any suggestions on a nice set up with one nice sized puffer? And also suggestions on the type of puffer that could live comfortably in a 20 gallon tank would be great. As I said I am completely new to puffers, so I am all ears. I have recently become very interested in them, and watching them feed is amazing.

Thanks guys!
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Re: completely new to puffers

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You posted this twice; you should remove the other one.

I am sure these aren't all the choices, but it's quite a few. They all fit into a 20 gallon and are freshwater (so long as I didn't make any posting mistakes).

You do not want a puffer to puff. It's a sign of stress (occasionally they practice just because but it's rare).








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Re: completely new to puffers

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you are also restricted to what you LFS can obtain

It is a big list but your LFS has a short one
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Re: completely new to puffers

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+1 to both above. Remember to properly cycle the tank when you get it, before you buy a puffer. Also lots of interesting decor and over filtration are very important. Welcome to the forum.
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