puffer compatibility?

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puffer compatibility?

Post by awesome2 » Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:52 pm

I was wondering if there was any type of puffer that could be kept with larger cichlids such as oscars and jack dempseys?

I have a 125 gallon tank that has one full grown oscar(very laid back and not very territorial though he does stay in the same area.) 2 bala sharks, and a jack dempsey that I am raising.

If I do get a puffer it wont be for another year.

I have a 125 gallon that is densely decorated with rocks and some fake plants, a magnum filter, an undergravel filter with 3 powerheads that run full time, I do 20% water changes weekly. the tank is kept at 82 degrees farenheit. the balas are about 8 inches long. the jack dempsey was introduced after the oscar and he is only 3 inches and i wont introduce anything until he gets to about 5 inches.
the oscar has about 1 square foot or territory that he will defend and redecorate. the jack dempsey is too little to tell but he bullies feeder fish.
ammonia is at zero
nitrates 12
mitrite zero
ph is kept neutral
so are there any freshwater puffers that would do well in this kind of tank?
I was thinking a palembang as I have a friend who has successfully kept an oscar with a palembang. If I did this, I would add the puffer as a yougling as well.

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Re: puffer compatibility?

Post by crazedpuffer » Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:11 am

I wouldn't, chances are it would just become a giant fish massacre.

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Re: puffer compatibility?

Post by manutius » Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:14 am

I have to agree, there are not really any suitable puffers IMO those that are big enough to handle the aggression of the cichlids will kill or inflict major damage to the cichlids and the smaller ones would be an annoyance to the bigger fish with their constant nipping. Imagine living in a box with nothing but biting insects, it wouldn't kill you but it wouldn't be pleasant

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