self feeding system pea puffers

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self feeding system pea puffers

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Hey! I have a 30l + 55l tanks with a connecting water bridge. Both are very heavily planted.
I have 2 male dwarf puffers and a female+ 6 bumblebee goby.
I built recently a simple feeding mechanism: I have a 50l tank with a few types pf snails, Daphnia and scuds ( although it's mostly Daphnia and they grow very well) which I feed with spirulina+ ground oats and some scraps and leafs.
I built a water bridge from that tank going to the fish tank with a net on the fish side so the fish won't go to this talk. the Daphnia is going to the light above the aquarium and some goes down. I'm sure some snails and scuds are finding their way too.
It's hard to tell how many though... I think maybe every few minutes a few Daphnia would go down.
I thought about hooking another tank like that on the other side just so they won't fight over this territory but I just read Pufferpunk's post about overfeeding and was not sure anymore if it's a good idea and how can I evaluate if it is or not.
Normally I would feed every other day just dropping a net full of Daphnia or some grindle worms.
Any thoughts on how to know if it's over feeding or if it's a good idea in general?
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Re: self feeding system pea puffers

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I’ve read that they don’t overeat but that they will continue killing things in the tank for fun.
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