dwarf puffers in a cube tank

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dwarf puffers in a cube tank

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Hey lads,

My 2-year adventure with marine cube tank is ending. Fish are going to a new & better home on Sunday and I’ll flog the marine-specific equipment, but it would be a shame to get rid of the tank itself. It’s a 40x40x40cm (16x16x16 inch) 64l (20g) cube tank with a stand, that fits perfectly either in my home office or in the bedroom. I was looking for freshwater fish for it and it seems like dwarf puffers are a decent match, but some sources claim that 20g cube tank is not big enough.

Here’s what I’m thinking:
Using black foamed pvc for the background I can build a mesh for the Java moss to cling on to. Worked like a dream for my shrimp tank, after about a month I got a proper moss wall. For them puffers I could build several pigeon holes and tunnels to keep them happy & occupied and give them some private space if needed. Once the Java moss will grow over them they should look natural alright, give them puffers something to explore and hide in, while replacing less water than 3D backgrounds.

Central piece would be driftwood, preferably something slim (again, little point replacing too much water with something else) but branchy to block line of sight, especially once Java moss clings onto it (which it will).

Plants-wise I’m thinking mainly Valisineria, it’s a bit brighter than Java moss, so should look good in front of it. Maybe some Anubias on the driftwood, from what I gather puffers enjoy flat surfaces to hover over.

Filtration and heating would be tackled by my spare JBL e901 canister filter, with an overflow heater. This would add extra two gallons or so to the overall flow, the more gallons, the better.

Do you think it's feasible? If so, how many dwarf puffers could fit in there comfortably? From what I gathered so far somewhere between 4 and 6, but you guys are the experts. :)

Thanks in advance and cheers from Ireland!

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Re: dwarf puffers in a cube tank

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Sounds like a lovely tank! DPs prefer to be in groups of 6 or more. 6 would be perfect in there.
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