Abei question...

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Abei question...

Post by DDR2 »

About that 4.5"-5.5" max; mine is at 7" and still seems to be growing. Has anyone here seen one bigger? He's in a 55g now and I'ld like to know if mine's just a freak or if the 8"-12" rumors I've been hearing may be true before committing to his next tank. It could be the difference between a 75g and a 125g.

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Re: Abei question...

Post by Pufferpunk »

That's a pretty BIG abei but I have yet to see one with my own eyes.
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Re: Abei question...

Post by Pufferella »

I bought mine a year ago at 3.5 inches. I also thought that was full grown. He is now 5 inches. He is presently in a 65. How can a fish, with a supposed stable population in the wild, be so scarce and have so little known about it? Hoping to find more and attempt breeding.

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