Monotrete Abei (abei Puffer)

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Monotrete Abei (abei Puffer)

Post by J-P » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:31 pm

Date: 16/08/06
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Common Name: Abei Puffer, Abe's Puffer

Distribution: S.E. Asia; Mekong river basin

Water Parameters: Temp: 23 - 26C (74 - 80F); pH:6.0 - 7.8

Personality/Temperament: Very Aggressive.

Activity: Hunter. Nocternal and twilight activity mostly.

Max. Size: 4 inches (10.3 cm)

Estimated Lifespan: Not known

Sexual Dimorphism: None shown

Minimum Tank Size: 25 US gallons (95 liters)

Other Notes: A member of the "Target Group". This puffer is becoming more widely available in Europe. It is often confused with other puffers from the "Target Group", especially T.cochinchinensis.
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