Tetradon Sabahensis (Giant Spotted Puffer)

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Tetradon Sabahensis (Giant Spotted Puffer)

Post by J-P » Sun Nov 13, 2011 1:07 pm

Date: 16/08/06
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Common Name: Giant Spotted Puffer, Indian Giant Puffer

Distribution: TBA

Water Parameters: Brackish environment, seems adaptable to various salinities and does well in hard water with a pH around 8.

Personality/Temperament: An extremely interactive puffer once it gets used to its owner. Tank mate info pending.

Max. Size: 6+ inches (15+ cm)

Estimated Lifespan: 15+ years.

Sexual Dimorphism: None shown

Minimum Tank Size: 40+ US gallons, Due to activity levels a tank in the region of 4ft long is preferable.

Other notes: There seems to be several variants of this species with different body markings that are not typically associated with T. Nigroviridis or T. Fluviatillis.

Addition: There is no currently no definitive identification of this species.