Takifugo Pardalis (Panther Puffer)

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Takifugo Pardalis (Panther Puffer)

Post by J-P » Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:12 pm

Date: 16/08/06
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Common Name: Panther Puffer

Distribution: Japan, E. China & Yellow Seas

Water Parameters: Unknown

Personality/Temperament: Unknown

Max. Size: 15 inches (40 cm)

Estimated Lifespan: Not known

Sexual Dimorphism: None shown

Care: Unknown. There are no English records of this puffer having ever been kept in captivity.

Minimum Tank Size: 150 US gallons (575 liters)

Other Notes:
Very little English information is available about this puffer. If you have any further information, please post it in out Encyclopedia Forum.
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