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Puffer Fry
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New puffer fanatic

Post by Bulletfishy » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:13 pm

Hey everyone,

My name is Peter. I have had two aquariums for over half a year now. I have a 70 liter (18 gallon) and a 180 liter (47 ish gallon) aquarium.
In the small tank I used to have a dwarf gourami couple and a CPO. In the bigger tank I used to have a trio of Ramirezi Electric Blues. About 18 Corydoras' of a about 3/4 different kinds. And 6 Kuhlii's. The Ramirezi's are a suggestion to anyone loving dwarf cichlids. They can follow you around if you walk past the tank. They follow your hand awaiting food and when you feed them like i did, with frozen blocks of bloodworms for example, they will eat out of your hand and gently nibbling at your skin.

Now recently I've come across the pufferfish. I always thought they'd be a bit difficult and all of them need salt/brackish water. But then I found a whole lot of pure sweetwater ones. And I fell in love with the Congo Puffer. Or to be official, the Tetraodon Miurus. We decided to move the old fishbase to a shelter we have near us. They take excellent care of them and give them a new home.

As a still relatively young aquarist I have to learn and I think I found the fish for me. I am not scared away from the fact that Tetraodon Miurus is a solitary and highly predatory fish. He will have the whole 47 gallon tank for himself.

The small tank is going to contain feeder Guppy's or Platy's. Not sure yet. (Yes I know this is illegal in the UK and frowned upon by part of the aquarium society. But it is a predator fish and I want to keep his instincts alive. Not intending a discussion about this as ive done plenty of research on this matter already.)

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Re: New puffer fanatic

Post by Pufferpunk » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:05 pm

Your smaller tank would be fine for this fish, since it has a very slow metabolism & barely moves around. Be sure you have a few caves for it & a sand bed of 2-3" for it to bury in.
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Puffer Fry
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Re: New puffer fanatic

Post by Bulletfishy » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:47 pm

Yea I read that too! Problem is that the small tank has like small lava grid or so in it. Its also got the stock filter still. So putting a digging puffer in there without overcapacity on the filter and no sand didnt seem good to me for the fish. Kinda sucks theres nothing the Congo Puffer can go with but I'd rather put him alone in the big tank and waste space than make him feel bad in a small tank without proper arrangements for him/her =/.

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