Hi Frank here, and Puffy too.

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Frank the Fish Guy
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Hi Frank here, and Puffy too.

Post by Frank the Fish Guy »

Hi, I have a F8 puffer named Puffy. He lives alone in a 20 gallon tank and likes to eat snails and scuds.

Curious as to how the rest of y'all feed your puffy and how often too.

I have been doing aquariums for over 35 years but always learning new stuff.

I have kept F8s before. Had a few accidents in learning their ways in the past.

I currently have 9 aquariums of various types.
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Re: Hi Frank here, and Puffy too.

Post by Pufferpunk »

I would feed daily to a slightly-rounded belly, skipping 1 day/week or 3-4 days on, then skip.
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