New puffer mom here!

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Puffer Fry
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New puffer mom here!

Post by Puffermom86 »

Hi guys! New puffer mom here, actually purchased my very first puffer yesterday, a striped dogface puffer. I've been in love with a golden puffer at the saltwater store we frequent a lot but when I saw this little guy yesterday he completely stole my heart! His little personality is already remarkable!! I've done tons of research and I am so excited for this experience! We are currently cycling a 55g tank for him but right now he is hanging out in our established cube. Of course once he's grown more we will get him a much larger tank but right now he is just a baby. Any new mom advice is welcome! I was actually wondering too if anyone has any recommendations on helping keep the tank clean other than frequent wayer maintenance, seeing as they eat snails and such. Really excited to be a part of this forum with people that also love puffers! 😊

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Re: New puffer mom here!

Post by Pufferpunk »

Sounds like you have a Narrow-lined puffer.
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Re: New puffer mom here!

Post by thatmarinescienceguy »

I am very excited for you! I wanted to start to teach my Puff a sort of sign language, that I'd make up. I made a particular hand gesture for snails, and another for blood worms. I made each as he was eating each type of food routeinly. I was hoping to see if he'd get more excited for one over the other, and he'd be able to tell me what he wanted to eat by fin speeds (I dunno bout your little one but mine had fins that moved EXTRA fast when he was excited about food). I did not quite get to finish that experiment unfortunately... but I have great memories and he lived a very, very good life. I am preparing a newer, much upgraded tank for a future cute little puff pants. I had a F8 that stole my heart. Maybe this could be fun for you, too? Best wishes!

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