good fish stores around SW CT

A good fish store is hard to find! Know of one? Tell us!
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good fish stores around SW CT

Post by AquaMike » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:10 pm

I currently live in Stamford, CT. There are a couple pretty good stores here. A few come to mind that are really close:

1- Fish Bowl Pets (Stamford) - this place is my favorite. The owner will special order things for you as well. Prices are Usually pretty fair. They also offer a good selection, including some rare finds, as well as puffers! Mainly FW.

2 - House of Fins (Greenwich) - I ONLY put this place on here if you want exotics that are taken care of. The prices are absurd! Ex-ONE red cherry shrimp (rcs) is $10. Yea, I got a good laugh at that one. I wanted to put up a sign saying that I'll sell mine for 1/4 of that, and that's still high. However, it is soley worth the trip to just go in and see what they have, especially if you're looking for something outside the norm, even exotic corals. Mainly SW.

3 - Pet Pantry (Greenwich) - this store is a small chain but the one in Greenwich is the only one I know that carries fish, and quite well for a chain. They offer usual finds as well as some harder to find species. Prices are somewhere in the middle. Plus they give me free pond snails from their planted tank when I ask.

*I'll also mention Westport Aquarium cause they do a good job, plus one of the owners is a training client at my health club. This is actually where I got my DP. It is small but prices are very reasonable, especially for Westport.

Was wondering if any of you guys live close by, and/or know of any other good ones that I may have missed. I'm willing to travel an hour if need be.

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