arrowhead new. possible tank mate?

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arrowhead new. possible tank mate?

Post by Jasmine32 »

Hello everyone.
I just got my first puffer. Arrowhead named Morty.
I put him in with my jeweled cichlid thinking it's aggressive so they are a good pair and hoping my cochlid Morty not eat hom. I came home and i was right.... cichlid did not eat Morty. .. Morty took a large chunk however out of his welcome to the aquarium present. .... Poor cichlid. .. rip.
Anyway... seeing that Morty stays on the bottom I was wondering if putting an affrican butterfly in would be bad. Since they stay at the top. Will Morty think it's food?

It is a 30 gallon aquarium that is almost square.

Also. . My LFS stressed he is brackish water.. However I keep reading that arrowheads are freshwater not brackish. I want to keep him healthy and find that LFS is consistent in false or misleading info and plain lack of knowledge. no stores here are really fish experts.. how ever they seem to think it.

Also. Does anyone have any tricks to crystal clear fresh and brackish water? My tanks are 4 months old and I just can't seem to accomplish this.

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Re: arrowhead new. possible tank mate?

Post by Pufferpunk »

Morty will eat anything that moves. He is strictly a FW fish. I can't imagine you were keeping the cichlid in BW for very long, what SG is it now?

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Re: arrowhead new. possible tank mate?

Post by RTR »

Most puffers are incompatible with most fish. Sooner or later, tankmates are quite likely to become food. Lurkers such as this are not very active but don't be fooled by their low activity level. They can move quite quickly when attacking prey.

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Re: arrowhead new. possible tank mate?

Post by bertie 83 »

Welcome to the forum. As stated above this fish will eat any tankmates
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