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How to support The Puffer Forum

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The Puffer Forum is a non-profit community which aims to provide a valuable and much needed resource for aquarists with pet puffers. Our community runs completely off donations from our members to help with hosting and domain costs, and occasional contest prizes.

There are many ways you can help support your online puffer community!

PayPal Donations
We gladly accept any donations made via PayPal. PayPal accepts payments in any currency, in any amount, from either checking accounts or credit cards. PayPal donations can be sent to or via the Donate link with little heart at the top.

The Puffer Store
Consider shopping in The Puffer Store where a small percentage of each sale contributes to maintaining our community. A whole range of products is available, tailored to fans of pufferfish. These include a variety of clothing, stickers, magnets, and even calendars with fantastic photographs of a variety of puffers doing what they do best - looking adorable!

Checks or Money Orders
While we do prefer PayPal for it's ease of use, if you don't have a PayPal account and would still like to support our community we also welcome checks and money orders. Just send a private message to our forum Administrator, Pufferpunk. She will provide contact information where you can send your donation.

As always, we also could not have the wonderful community we have here without the conversations, ideas and assistance you, the members, share freely with other puffer owners. We always encourage members to submit well written articles for review for the library, and high quality photographs for species identification in the PufferPedia and article illustrations. We appreciate any donations you can make, but thank you for your support in any way you show it!

The Puffer Forum
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