Amazon puffers toxins killing other fish

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Amazon puffers toxins killing other fish

Post by Gstomp49 »

Hello my name is gene nice to meet everyone. Anyways. I have 4 Amazon puffers in a 80 gal community tank. Everything was going fine but then I lost about 9 Cory’s all of a sudden and some other random fish. I read that if the puffers are not happy they could in theory poison the whole tank. I’m heart broken about the Cory’s but the puffers are so awesome. Any ideas on maybe deactivating there toxin etc would be awesome. The tank had 4 canister filters on so I know the water is crystal clear.
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Re: Amazon puffers toxins killing other fish

Post by Pufferpunk »

This is only true for boxfish, not puffer species.
Clear water doesn't = good parameters, neither does good filtration.
Please answer ALL the Qs above in red.
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