Black belly / visibly stressed Green Spotted Puffer (GSP)

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Since this board has been up, we have found there are several questions that routinely get asked in order to help diagnose problems. If you can have that information to begin with in your post, we'll be able to help right away (if we can!) without having to wait for you to post the info we need.

1) Your water parameters - pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrates and salinity (if appropriate). This is by far the most important information you can provide! Do not answer this with "Fine" "Perfect" "ok", that tells us nothing. We need hard numbers.

2) Tank size and a list of ALL inhabitants. Include algae eaters, plecos, everything. We need to know what you have and how big the tank is.

3) Feeding, water change schedule and a list of all products you are using or have added to the tank (examples: Cycle, Amquel, salt, etc)

4) What changes you've made in the tank in the last week or so. Sometimes its the little things that make all the difference.

5) How long the aquarium has been set up, and how did you cycle it? If you don't know what cycling is read this: Fishless Cycling Article and familiarize yourself with all the information. Yes. All of it.

We want to help, and providing this information will go a LONG way to getting a diagnosis and hopeful cure that much faster.

While you wait for assistance:
One of the easiest and best ways to help your fish feel better is clean water! If you are already on a regular water change schedule (50% weekly is recommended) a good step to making your fish more comfortable while waiting for diagnosis/suggestions is to do a large water change immediately. Feel free to repeat daily or as often as you can, clean water is always a good thing! Use of Amquel or Prime as a dechlor may help with any ammonia or nitrite issues, and is highly recommended.

Note - if you do not normally do large water changes, doing a sudden, large water change could shock your fish by suddenly changing their established water chemistry. Clean water is still your first goal, so in this case, do several smaller (10%) water changes over the next day or two before starting any large ones.
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Re: Black belly / visibly stressed Green Spotted Puffer (GSP)

Post by Dianamarie7 »

May 18 2020 I was doing a water change and the back of the screen had a gap and he jumped out. He was always a jumper it wasn't the water quality and make that the made him jump he would always swim to the side of the tank and then flop up that is why I always had a screen on the tank and it's green instead of a hardtop cuz he's slamming to the hardtop hence the screen being softer and not hurting him he was a crazy fish. I bought them from a family-owned aquarium store in Florida. if it was male or female. She was always the more shy of the two of them and would wait for him to eat would wait for him to come to the front tank before she would. When he jumped out I got very worried that she was just going to stop eating and everything which she did for a couple days. But after about a week she seemed to be doing great in the tank by yourself and liking it more. I had a problem with her going up and down the tank in the back and being fixated on it. I would check on her in the middle of the night and she would be up just swimming up and down the back of the tank. Eventually I put a plan in front of there and it seemed to just take her away from there and have her swimming around the whole tank and enjoying her space. But now I've tried everything from freshwater dipping her to hiring her salinity to heating the tank up. I know there's really not a lot of medicines you can give a scaleless fish. It used to be before where she was comforted and her black belly went away when I came in the room and now she's doesn't want to be around anyone when I come in she'll be in the front of the tank and then go all the way to the back to hide. I clean the tank out regularly so it's not her being afraid of my hands being in and out of the tank. I always make sure my hands are clean before going in the tank no lotion no perfumes nothing on me I really have no idea what is going on with her I went to several different fish stores it's just there isn't much people know about them and I was hoping joining this form would be able. She is a room.just designated to fish there sport tanks in there I've been trying to leave her alone as much as possible I have only been putting night time lights on. The only thing I've done different in this time is move plants around which the other day I moved them back where they were originally cuz I don't know what's going on at know if it's stress. I can send photos of what she looks like now her teeth are overgrown they're fine she always ate lots and lots of snails they also chew on the coral Rock I have in there. It has been hard for me to get clams from the pet store. They keep selling out so I have been going to my local grocery store buying fresh clams freezing them and feeding them to them I don't know if that could be something. I also feed the live blackworms not often just very very radical because I feed the live black worms to my pea puffers. It's about to be a week since she hasn't eaten I've offered her food every single day since also up left a clam in there I know that's probably not smart but the water parameters are going down since there's no waste in the tank usually when she eats she makes quite a mess I have two filters I also don't know if I should turn one off. I know that this is all over the place I'm sorry just trying to get you as much information as possible since I know these messages have to be approved first.
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Re: Black belly / visibly stressed Green Spotted Puffer (GSP)

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Thanks for all that info. Unfortunately not much I can go on, Please answer ALL the questions above, in red.
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