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My First Dwarf Puffer has an Eye Infection

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 7:13 am
by CDrom
So I purchased my first dwarf puffer yesterday. I've never had any kind of puffer before, i've only kept basic tropical fish. She came in the mail on Friday morning and we underwent the proper acclimatisation procedure. She is now in a 5 gallon heavily-planted tank which she shares with some baby ramshorn snails, which i intended for her to eat. The filter is a relatively large powerhead which i've strapped a sponge to the output to reduce the flow rate. I've tested the water, it has almost 0 nitrites and nitrates, 7 pH and pretty hard water. its 25-26C in there and the tank cycled for a week and a half before hand. I know that's not as long as it could have been but i used some api quickstart, have a tonne of healthy plants and a tiny bio-load so i thought it would be ok.

We're on day two in and things aren't going so well. The first thing i noticed was that all she does is surf the glass and refuses to explore her tank. She looks so nervous, it makes me sad. She has shown no interest in the ramshorn snails, nor blood worms. I know it's early days but still, but all of the fish i've purchased before have eaten by the next day. The second thing I noticed is that she has something on her eye. It's on top of her eye, you can see it when she faces you head-on. But from profile, it looks like she has one clouded eye [see attached].

Is it a fungus, bacteria, external parasite? I used a bit of silver proteinate as part of the acclimatisation procedure but i've been told dwarf puffers are sensitive to medication, so i didn't use a lot. Is this why she's not settling in? What should I do about it?

Re: My First Dwarf Puffer has an Eye Infection

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:06 am
by Pufferpunk
I'm wondering how this tank was cycled? It is possible it could just have ammonia burn from transfer. How long was she in shipping?