Python Water Changer?

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Re: Python Water Changer?

Post by bertie 83 »

Pop a photo of what you got on and I will give you photos of what you need. Gonna need a pic of your preferred tap too. Out of interest what store did you visit? I get tons of customers appearing when I'm in for fish tank questions, all the other staff know it's my forte lol they tell them to come back at 3.
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Re: Python Water Changer?

Post by DDR2 »

Worst case, you'll have to go online and buy an adapter from python or someone that carries them. If your pressure is low (a problem I've dealt with) , make sure all air is purged from the hose. Start at the tank and lift the hose so air is forced towards the faucet until it's out. Also large debris can sometimes clog the faucet connection, so keep an eye on that. I agree with Bertie that changing water is better than just removing debris, but as a supplement to water changes, it can't hurt.
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Re: Python Water Changer?

Post by Glokta »

If you get it going let me know, I have a 35 gallon, and rheumatoid arthritis. Buckets is out, but a python looks like good sense. Unfortunately I have difficulty turning valves and taps, so need levers, or some sort of adaptation.
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Re: Python Water Changer?

Post by Anjin »

I know this is an old post, but...

Most home stores, like Home Depot, Lowes, etc will carry a wide assortment of adapters that should fit one of the included python tips. Start by removing the aerator on your facet. Or, try a differing sink. Perhaps you can get a better fit in the laundry or bathroom, than kitchen.

As for cleaning, the suction a venturi effect siphon has is pretty significant. I have found them to not only provide a superior cleaning experience, but also do not stir up the tank much as it works.

I stop at using it to fill the tank though straight from the sink. I picked up a couple of 55 gallon water barrels of craigslist for a minimal investment. They sit in the garage and get filled and treated from the tap as soon as they are drained at all. I drop a large heater through the bung hole so when I am ready to use it, it is already treated, aged, and the proper temp. I use a barrel pump I got from Amazon for under twenty bucks that fits down a standard bung hole, and moves an amazing amount of water quickly. Just attach the python hose to that, drop it in a barrel, and fill away.

I find my fish seem far less stressed in the end. And the whole setup is not expensive. While it does take up some space, it is not that bad.
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Re: Python Water Changer?

Post by Pufferpunk »

Really no need to do that, unless you need to premix with salt for BW/SW. Tap water should be fine. You can add Prime for the full amount of water in the tank before refilling.
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