Feeding Manny the Mantis

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Feeding Manny the Mantis

Post by KorrepZ »

Feeding my Mantis Shrimp that's in my little reef tank on my desk at work ;)

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Re: Feeding Manny the Mantis

Post by Arny »

Hey Dude cool Mantis. I have a Peacock Mantis and he's about 7 inches long
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Re: Feeding Manny the Mantis

Post by Flutter »

Very neat!
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Re: Feeding Manny the Mantis

Post by Pufferpunk »

Aren't they the most fun creatures??? My last one was a hoot! He's move huge boulders of rubble around, making caves & such. I named him, Dozer. But the fellow I have now is very boring--I rarely see him at all.
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Re: Feeding Manny the Mantis

Post by FADE2BLACK_1973 »

They are pretty cool. I see alot of other members showin their off in another forum Im in. I might have to try one someday :D

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Re: Feeding Manny the Mantis

Post by hadla »

awww i thought you meant a praying mantis XD
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