POTY 2013 - Winner Announced!

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POTY 2013 - Winner Announced!

Post by sgtmyers88 »

You have voted and the featured puffer of 2013 is...


JRC3 and his beautiful Figure 8 puffer! Congrats! :o
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Re: POTY 2013 - Winner Announced!

Post by RTR »

Great shot, well earned reward!
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Re: POTY 2013 - Winner Announced!

Post by Pufferpunk »

Definitely a great crisp action shot, showing why we love these beasts so much! Now if we only had some Tech Staff to post this on our Homepage. :(
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Re: POTY 2013 - Winner Announced!

Post by bertie 83 »

I'm sure sgt with his know how could figure it out wink wink lol
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Re: POTY 2013 - Winner Announced!

Post by JRC3 »

Thanks, guys.

Here are a few other pics of the same session. Shot with a cheap Polaroid camera. Something about the lighting made it take good pics at that time as it only has auto focus.

I'm on a crap NookHD right now so I don't know if those pics are too big for the forum.
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