Avoid failed seal? Shopping for 120 gal+ tank

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Avoid failed seal? Shopping for 120 gal+ tank

Post by esotericbyte »

I am moving from a 40 gal to a 120 gal tank soon.
I went shopping online and on a brand that I thought had an excellent reputation there were many stories of failed seals!
OMG! So I'm freaking out! ;)

I hope to buy a 2x2x4 tank soon. I have renter's insurance and an umbrella policy because I rent just to cover any mishaps but that is no reason to not take every precaution!

I have a not so flat floor that I've dealt with by putting a board under one size of a 40gal tank.
I used a level before installing and filling with water.
Now I'm thinking I'll need to pour a self leveling base in some sort of box. It will be on a hard wood floor and I'll need to be able to remove it. Has anyone rigged a leveling box before?
What are experiences with DIY plywood tanks? That is another direction I could go in.. and might able to go larger with that.
I like the one Joey made on his youtube channel.
Finally ....While it's redundant to have a tank in a tank ... it seems possible to have some sort of overflow pan with a drain to a hose or pump to catch water that seeps out. dumping .. .forget it .. it's everywhere soaked into the floor and into the basement. The leveling box could double as a drain pan.
Thanks for any advise!
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