Cutest Puffer Trick

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Cutest Puffer Trick

Post by sarahsedaii »

So, I was playing with my cat with a red laser pointer. I was going up and down the wall when I hit the fish tank. Then to my pleasant surprise...the puffers love chasing the laser pointer too! I will try to snag a video next time.

What funny cute things do your puffers do?

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Re: Cutest Puffer Trick

Post by jus85411 »

lol yes i noticed this too. my pit bull would run after the laser light lol then one day i decided to try it near the fish tank and my GSP went crazy

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Re: Cutest Puffer Trick

Post by sgtmyers88 »

Thats awesome! I hope to try this one day!
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Re: Cutest Puffer Trick

Post by sparks42 »

my puffer chased the red dot and then picked up a pink stone thinking he caught it... chewed on it... spit it out and chased again.... picked up another pink rock, spit it out...

then he saw me and stopped chasing it - like he understood the lazer pointer or something.

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Re: Cutest Puffer Trick

Post by bertie 83 »

It's cruel to play with a cat or dog with a lazer pen, unless they get rewarded when catching it!
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Re: Cutest Puffer Trick

Post by Pufferpunk »

Causes OCD in animals.
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