** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

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Do you touch your Puffer ?

Yes, all day everyday !
Yes, I touch my puffer sometimes
Yes, but not very often
There have been a couple times
No, I am afraid of my puffer
No, my puffer is afraid of me
Total votes: 55

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** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by sparks42 »

Take poll, discuss :)
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by Pufferpunk »

I will to move them out of the way when cleaning. My larger fahaka puffer feels cool to touch but I'd rather not leave their skin open to infection or anything by touching it.
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by DRRT »

yes i agree. touching can harm their slime coat but when necessary or occasionally if curious to see if the fish isn't shy, i touch my fish
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by pufferpuggirl »

It's the other way around with me, my puffers seem to want to "touch" (think bite) me instead. The little suckers have gotten me a few times already, sneaky little so and so's. :shock:
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by flash.dan »

i touch mine on ccasion usually when they wont move. the suvs i will move with the yphon though as i wouldnt trust them atall with fingers. mainly the fish i have to touch (pretty much on a dayly basis) is my fire eel if i dont nudge him hell steal food off the stingrays
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by edmlfc1 »

I touch them when I have too. When I need them to move out of the way and they are being stubborn. :lol:
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by LilGreenPuffer »

I have touched them through a net a couple of times, just barely, and sometimes their mouths brush my finger when I hand-feed them.
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by Sponge bob »

I touched mine when I was trying to give a snail to my skinnyer one and the puff wasnt afraid of me
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by coldmachineUK »

Only my SAPs (now just the singular...), and only for dentistry, and only through a net. It's really not good to touch fish AFAIK: it can damage the slime coat.
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by groovitudedude »

Only during dentistry. I'm scared of my fahaka :shock:
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by lmsmith »

I touch them on a daily basis - they come up for head pats. They will also occasionally roll on their sides so I can touch their tummies. I only do it with clean hands. Right now I'm training them not to bite because my biggest puff drew blood the other day.
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by StormySkiez »

I'll touch my puffers lightly once in a great while if they come near me while cleaning the tank to scoot them away. I like the connection I feel. I Wouldn't do it to pet them or on a regular basis.
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by bazil323 »

My F8 always swims away. I think it may be because my hubby chased him around the tank with various things trying to get him to puff when I wasn't looking when I first got him. He's pretty shy now, but even if he wasn't, I don't touch them because I don't want to disturb their slime coats, etc.
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by splitadams »

sometimes my puffer forces his way between my fingers when i put my hand in the tank, he feels weird...... extremely soft
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Re: ** Touching your Puffer Fish ** Poll+Discussion :)

Post by liquid88 »

He quickly swims away every time.
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