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Check out your brand new user galleries!

Post by PetPirate » Mon Sep 04, 2006 12:06 am

Check out your brand new, shiny user galleries!

You can access the galleries by clicking the link at the top of the forum, or going to

Feel free to upload your personal pics - puffer or otherwise - and share them with the TPF community! You are free to organize your own sub-albums, set descriptions, captions and keywords, and allow other users to post comments and rate your pics.

To get started with your gallery, click "Your Album" towards the top right of the screen.

To get your user gallery images into your posts, the normal [img] tags will not work properly. Instead, when you are posting a reply or a new topic, please click the new "User Gallery IMG" button above your post, and select the pictures you want to include in your post.

If other users have a gallery with pictures, you can click on the little "Gallery" button below each of their posts to go straight to it.

Finally, please check out the Lost+Found gallery. This contains all the pictures rescued from our old gallery system. Please claim them in the next few weeks!

Have fun! :D

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