New DP Gals Are Ready

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New DP Gals Are Ready

Post by JRC3 » Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:08 pm

I have a Petsland north of town and whenever I'm up that way I always stop in to check things out. Well they had DPs for the first time I've seen and they were older and able to sex. Of course they were in the row of tanks on the floor but I studied them for like 25 minutes. The first 2 in the speciman container went back in the tank because I wasn't sure enough they were females. They were pricey at $15 for 2 with the club discount but I figured if I can sex them then they were worth it. See, I have two males and a female in a 29g and my young male is growing up and though he stays in his place when the old male tells him to, I see conflict on the horizon.

Anyway today is the day the gals left their 10g QT where they have been treated with Prazipro, poop observed over and over, and they are so clean and healthy looking. After removing then and while I had them in the specimen container, I checked their eyes for wrinkles and their markings with jeweler's loops and I am 100% sure these are both females.

Sorry for the crappy pics but I've misplaced my camera and this is from my old phone.


After I fed the 3 old DPs, did a WC and moved some decor around in their 29g, I let the girls hang in the container for an hour or so for a meet and great before I let them loose.

A couple hours after release everyone is out mingling and so far so good.
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Re: New DP Gals Are Ready

Post by bertie 83 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:23 am

Healthy looking dps, congrats on your new additions.
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