Colomesus asellus (South American Puffer)

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Colomesus asellus (South American Puffer)

Postby J-P on Tue Oct 25, 2011 6:40 pm

Common Name: South American Puffer

Other Common Names: Amazon Puffer, Brazilian Puffer, SAP.

Family: Tetraodontidae

Distribution: Peru, Colombia, Brazil. The Amazon Basin.

Water Parameters: Temp: 23 - 26C (74 - 80F); pH:6.0 - 7.8

Personality/Temperament: A relatively peaceful pufferfish which can be kept in groups. It has been reported that the South American Puffer is a schooling fish in its natural habitat.

Activity: Hunter, very active. Aquatic plants will take punishment in the relentless hunt for snails.

Max. Size: 3 inches (7.5 cm)

Estimated Lifespan: 10+ years

Sexual Dimorphism: Not known.

Diet: Live and frozen foods (not fish), snails, freeze-dried krill, frozen shrimp, black & bloodworms- live or frozen, ghost shrimp (gut-loaded), and other molluscs and crustaceans. These puffers must be fed a daily diet of snails to prevent beak overgrowth

Care: Pufferfish are extremly sensitive to nitrites and ammonia and should only be introduced into a fully cycled aquarium. Due to their messy eating habits, overfiltration is recommended.

Breeding: C. asellus breeding thread and article link

Minimum Tank Size: 15 US Gallons (55 liters)

Other Notes: These puffers require a heavily decorated aquarium. They are often seen pacing the aquarium glass if they do not have complex surroundings to explore. Introducing relativly strong current as well as upgrading the size of the tank might help in this matter

Links to Other Resources: C. asellus profile on Fishbase


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