TPF Author: Jeni Tyrell, AKA Pufferpunk

About the Author

PufferPunk on her Harley

It all started when my parents couldn't afford a television, so Mom put me on top of the clean laundry in the basket to watch my Dad's fish. The rest is history! I have been keeping fish for over 27 years now & worked in the industry for about 8.

I have had as many as 11 tanks running, ranging from 2g (ghost shrimp gut-loading/snail breeding bowl)-125g (fahaka puffertank). Here is my experience with puffer species, etc:

  • 12" fahaka puffer living in a 125g w/a couple of red-tail & rainbow sharks & 2 very large plecos.
  • 2 (6") GSPs a 5" Ceylon. They were in a SW tank w/assorted damselfish, a tomato clown & hermit crabs.
  • 5 South American puffers & 1 dwarf puffer living in a 50g w/a frontosa, parrot cichlid & royal pleco.
  • 3 F8s living w/knights, bumblebees & a dragon goby.
  • Congo (T. miurus) puffer living in a 15g.
  • 10g hex w/a juvenile 2", pignose/arrowhead puffer (T suvattii)
  • 20g tank with a 4" T. turgidus.
  • 20g w/a 4" A. modestus.
  • A lovely 90g planted tank, w/5 assorted discus, loaches, synodontis, plecos & other oddballs.
  • I have been keeping a 55g reef tank for about 2 years, soon to be upgraded to a 90g & am starting another 50g reef.
  • 2 55g river tanks. 1 has assorted toads, treefrogs & African clawed frogs. The other has an dwarf African bullfrog, African sideneck, Asian map & softshell turtle.

(Some of those fish have been re-homed or passed away.)

Unfortunately, with all those pets, I recently had to give away all 6 assorted box turtles that had a very nice habitat in the backyard but lived in my basement in a kiddie pool during the winter. I've had some of them for well over 10 years.

I own a pufferfish website, The Puffer Forum & am on the Crew of WetWebMedia, in addition to moderating & submitting to countless other forums in the past. I wrote all the puffer fish profiles in the most recent publication of the Encyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes, Published articles on Green Spotted Puffers & Pufferfish Dentistry in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine & also in WetWebMedia's online mag, the Conciencious Aquarist, in addition to an article on Dragon Gobies there.

I am a scuba diver & underwater photographer. I ride my own 1982 custom Shovelhead Harley-Davidson & am an avid tattoo collector. My Jack Russell Terrier (Kalvin the Krazydog) rides on the back.

I. An Introduction to Green Spotted Puffers

Green Spotted Puppies..err..Puffers

Early in my fish-keeping years, I came across a little yellow fish with black polka dots. It had a cute baby face and greeted me at the glass, like a puppy dog, appearing happy to see me. I had to have him. I took the little cutie home and everything seemed fine as I went to bed. I awoke to find the rest of the fish cowering in one half of my aquarium, missing fins and tails. The little “sweetheart” was happily buzzing around the other side of the tank, belly full of fins. I realized this was definitely not a fish for my community tank and sadly returned him. (» Click here to read the rest of this article…)

I. Treating Freshwater Ich

If some morning you get up and it looks like someone has salted the body, fins, and gills of your fish, you are looking at Ich, sometimes called Ick, or white spot disease. (» Click here to read the rest of this article…)

II. There’s a Dragon in my Tank!

Keeping the Dragon Goby

There are a few creatures that are claimed to be “so ugly, they’re cute” or
“so ugly, only its mother could love it”. This dragon is not quite the same.
The Dragon Goby is a gentle monster — it’s nowhere close to as mean and evil
as it looks. Although it looks like a vicious predator, it’s really the
opposite. (» Click here to read the rest of this article…)

III. The Figure Eight Puffer; Colorful, Comical, Compact Fish

I have found the Figure 8 puffer (Tetraodon biocellatus), to be the perfect puffer for beginner brackish puffer keepers. It is one of the most colorful of the puffer species, keeping their beautiful markings into adulthood. It is friendly, personable and entertaining. It even stays small enough to keep a singleton in a 15 gallon tank. (» Click here to read the rest of this article…)

IV. Puffer Dentistry

Puffer Dentistry
Is your puffer becoming a little long in the tooth? Is it starting to resemble Bucky the Beaver? Then it is time to trim your puffer’s teeth! (» Click here to read the rest of this article…)