TPF Author: Damien Wagaman, AKA puffer_archer

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I. Alone but Not Lonely: The Importance of Keeping Puffers Solo

Lately, I’ve been concerned about a trend I’ve noticed on Puffer-keeping forums: Aquarists purchase an additional Puffer to prevent the first Puffer that they own from “getting lonely”. In this article, I hope to explain why this is unnecessary, and may even be hazardous for your Puffers. (» Click here to read the rest of this article…)

V. Help! My Puffer is Air-filled!

What to do if a puffer inflates with air?

Almost anyone who has heard of a puffer can tell you what makes them different from every other fish. It is their amazing ability to double or triple their size when needed for their protection. This amazing ability is made possible by unique adaptations. First, they do not have ribs. This allows their stomach to expand without having bone interference. Second, they have specialized muscles around their stomach and within their mouth to funnel water into the stomach. Finally, puffers have a thick rubbery skin that can expand easily. Both the stomach and skin are also pleated and folded, providing more room for expansion. Nearly all puffers also have spines that become very visible and erect when the puffer is in its expanded form. (» Click here to read the rest of this article…)